Collective House Kankanmori

Japan’s first collective housing complex is located in Nippori, Tokyo.

Collective House Inc. was founded by residents of Kankanmori, located in Arakawa ward, Tokyo. Promotion and management of the residences is carried out by Collective House Inc. and the residential organization Morinokaze.

[IMPORTANT] If you are interested to visit and observe Collective House Kankanmori, please e-mail us at least 4 weeks before the day you'd like to come, and please list a few possible dates. We'll try to set up a tour/orientation which takes about 2 hours on your desired date. However, please note that we can't always meet your request since we are the resident who live here and everyone has their own job. E-mail address: (please change# to @)


Kankanmori—the first full-scale multi-generational collective house in Japan—was launched in Tokyo in 2003. Looking to the Swedish collective house as a model, we held workshops over a period of two years in order to come up with our own distinct way to live in Japan. We continue to adapt this model to our needs.

In December, 2006, a number of our residents gathered to found a new company, called Collective House Inc. to broadly promote collective housing and to field inquiries or speak in person from potential residents for Kankanmori.

We believe that our lives are enriched by developing relationships with our neighbors. Collective House Kankanmori is located in Nippori, Tokyo. Orientations are held for those interested in joining us. We also welcome those from the research and enterprise communities to see what we are doing. We look forward to meeting you!

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